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Applying & Pricing 

Applying to set up a subscription service for your creation is 100% free. Just submit the details and allow us time to review the details and set up your account. The SupportMe platform includes your own personal channel that you can share early releases, exclusive content, sneak peeks, and more to people who have subscribed to you. We ensure only people who have a valid subscription to you have access to your exclusive channel. When approved you can set a subscription price between $5 a month to any maximum you like. SupportMe has a platform fee of 12% + payment processing fees. Processed earnings will be disbursed to creators within the first few days of the following month. The most active creators on our platform can be featured on the Find Creators page as our thanks to you for using our platform and keeping your community engaged!

Contact us to get set up on SupportMe subscription service here


SupportMe leverages the Maison Dornhoefer luxury fashion brand to allow creators on SupportMe to opt into merchandise packages. You must have an active channel on SupportMe in order to opt in to our merchandise packages. We have the ability to make a variety of merchandise for all types of creators from clothing and accessories to mugs and posters.

Once you have an active channel on SupportMe you can opt into our merchandise options by emailing us. You will be given a list of the merchandise packages we have along with product photos and cost/revenue breakdowns per piece. In general each package has its own one time cost broken up by digitalization fee and designing fee. These fees cover the costs we face when making embroidery pieces and the cost of deigning your merch using your logos and preferences. You will never have to pay that fee again, unless you want to change logos or designs. So if you really like your logo and designs and never change them you will never pay a fee again. In general, the money you make from your merch is 50% of the profit margin (unit production costs - unit sales price). 

We handle all production, shipping, and customer service requests. Once you select a package and our design team produces the designs you are happy with you will have an online store with the products and color scheme to match. Your online store will be put on our website and a link will be given to you to share with your fans and community.

Learn more about our production here

Contact us to see merchandise packages here


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