Q: Are your radio stations licensed?

A: Yes! Our provider includes a global broadcasting license with each station. This ensures the artists we play get their well deserved royalties for each play they get.

Q: I or someone I know is a music artist, are they able to get played on your stations?

A: Yes! We love supporting the careers of local and indie artists of any genre. If you or someone you know may be interested contact us by email here. We offer a comprehensive service for artists that include a radio deal, promotion/advertising, and brand ambassadorships more details can be found here.

Q: I own a restaurant/bar/business or anywhere that plays background music. Can I play your station in my place of business?

A: Absolutely! We have a variety of stations for different kinds of music tastes. It's important to note that Club VENU and Club Bourgeois are both clean. Route 66 and The Underground do have explicit language. If you do end up using one of our stations, let us know, we would love to talk to you!

Q: Where are our clothes and footwear made?

A: Our clothing is manufactured in either Montreal or Los Angeles (depends on the specific item) Our footwear is all made in the historic Le Marche region of Italy. Material wise, it is sourced from either the Quebec region of Canada or throughout Western/Central Europe.

Q: Are your clothes and footwear *really* handmade?

A: For our footwear, its entirely handmade from beginning to end, no factory ever touches our shoes. For our clothing, some parts are handmade, other parts are not. However, we have in place a rigorous quality check and inspection stage, in which only the best of the best are ever shipped out to our customers. 

Q: Can I become a brand ambassador or model?

A: We are always looking for fans of our clothing line to take the step into ambassadorship. We give you some cool perks and you get to be an even more important part of our family. Send us an email here to inquire.

Q: I would like to join your streaming community! How would I do that?

A: Send us an email here. Alternatively you can download Discord and talk to our Dornhoefer TV Manager, Michael Corley (AKA Reaper)

Q: Does the Dornhoefer Organization partake in any corporate philanthropy or special initiatives?

A: We believe these are critical, you can find specifics of various causes we support here.

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