Our History

The Dornhoefer Organization has been a constantly evolving group of passionate fans and driven individuals. While we got our start in July 7th of 2016 with the establishment of our original name "Guild Services Online Radio & Club". We exclusively focused on catering the music needs of online gamers  by using our established in-game guild to host events. As time passed and our radio got more popular, we outgrew our single station and opened up three others, giving people more options to reflect their music preferences. "Guild Services Online Radio  Club" faded into history while the formal Dornhoefer Organization took root.

In early 2019, our focus grew outside for just radio. Due to increasing demand for merchandise, we began looking for manufacturers ideally that had the capability of making T-shirts and hoodies. However, we struck a fantastic deal with a top manufacturer in Montreal that gave us complete designing freedom, high quality materials, and a guaranteed handmade process. The top brands in the world provide some of these same guarantees. We saw an opportunity to not only create our own merch, but elevate it to a fully functioning fashion label.

Our foray into eSports came in mid 2019 with the unveiling of our Platinum, Diamond and Challenger teams in League of Legends. As a company that got its start in online games, we have always had one foot always in the online gaming realm. eSports gave us a unique opportunity to not only grow our brand, but excite our pre-existing community with competitive tournaments, watch parties, jerseys and more (just like any other sports team). Within our first tournament entry into the DMG League, our Platinum team placed 3rd, defeating some of the top teams in the league in their first ever competition.

Almost simultaneously, we announced the appointment of our first ever Dornhoefer TV Manager to oversee the growth and development of our Twitch.TV and YouTube content creation division. Designed to further provide our community members and outlet to do one of their favorite pastimes (gaming) and grow their own individual brand as content creators, we take a vested interest in their growth on these important platforms to represent our community.

Our Initiatives and Principles

Investing in communities

We firmly believe that for a business to be successful, it has to take care of the people who make it successful. While we strive to grow as a brand and in our offerings, the more we make from all our revenue sources and donations to our company, a percentage is in turn donated by us at the end of the year to donations voted on by our community. Our inaugural year of doing this, we were proud to have supported Toys 4 Tots. At the end of each year we look at our overall revenue and our monthly Patreon goals of monthly donations and set aside an increasing percentage. By helping communities across the globe, we can help make the world just a little bit better.

Sustainability and responsibility

The beauty of mother nature can be awe inspiring, and here at the Dornhoefer Organization we keep that in mind in he decisions we make. We are proud to manufacture our clothes using renewable energy and have a neutral carbon footprint from out clothing manufacturing process. Additionally, the leather on our footwear and handbags are vegan/cruelty free. By being committed to responsible environmental choices, we hope to do our part in keeping the world less polluted, more energy efficient and more humane.

People over profits

Our customers, patrons and fans are our number one priority. We simply are not satisfied unless they are satisfied. In the busy world we live in, people have many choices about where they get their music entertainment from, where to buy their clothes or communities to support for their gaming pleasure. We never sacrifice the quality of what we do, to cut corners or increase profits. We believe in giving people only the highest quality from our 320kbps audio quality stations, to handmade clothing and footwear, its prevalent in everything we do. Even beyond our customers and patrons, we look at the people who are critical to our business functionality and make sure the choices we make prioritize vendors and manufactures that take care of their own aswell. One such case is out clothing manufacture who ensures all its employees are paid a living wage.

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