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Fashion Store

Maison Dornhoefer

Men & Womens' Luxury Clothing Fashion

DJ Set

Club Lux

Premier Online Club & Music Lounge

Self Portrait


Content Creator Subscription Platform & Merch Provider

 About Us 

Everything we at the Dornhoefer Organization operate is intricately intertwined. What sets us apart is that the sum of what we do is greater than the individual parts. By operating what we do, we can add value to our customers, members, and guests in ways our competitors can not.

Maison Dornhoefer

Maison Dornhoefer and Club Lux benefits are combined on Membership upgrade subscriptions increasing value to users

SupportMe hosts our membership upgrade subscriptions, higher tiers of membership give exclusive discounts and promotions on our luxury goods

Club Lux

SupportMe hosts our Club Lux membership upgrade subscriptions that give users exclusive benefits on the website, discord, etc

SupportMe creators can utilize our Maison Dornhoefer luxury brand to create their own merch to further monetize and advertise their work

Club Lux advertising arm raises awareness for creators to monetize their work on our SupportMe platform



Cameron Dornhoefer
Cameron is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dornhoefer Organization LLC. He has held this position since the companies inception in 2016. 

Cameron has attended the University of Houston - Clear Lake and received a Bachelors of Science in Accounting. He currently attends New York University at the Stern School of Business pursuing a Masters in Accounting.

Michelle O'Hara
Michelle is the Chief Operating Officer of the Dornhoefer Organization LLC. She has held this position since the companies inception in 2016 up until 2018 before taking time away. She has since returned in 2019 in the same capacity

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